Katrina Kaif Lights The Stage On Fire With Her Stunning Dance Performance!

You’re walking home on a Saturday night and find a “Barat” dancing, would you stop and stare? Maybe or maybe not but if the same group of people are replaced by beauty, glamour and grace would you stop then? OFCOURSE! See, that’s the case with Katrina Kaif…she’s got everything a talented, young dancer would ever want and she proved it again with her stunning performance at The Miss India 2019 beauty pageant.

She’s already known for her extraordinary moves, amazing stage presence and charismatic personality and with these 3 elements, she definitely did a splendid job at the pageant. With endless hours of practice and blood, sweat tears, everyone could see the magic in her because it is not easy to dance for 5-6 minutes straight with different props, costumes and forms. It all looks the same throughout but there is a change from hip-hop to Bollywood to jazz which only the performer understands. Her confidence and passion for the art form is what excites me the most about her performances. She’s always had the energy and smile which makes each of her steps different from the others.

Recently, she posted a video of her performance at the beauty pageant. Her caption for the same read, “डांस से करेंगे सबका स्वागत💃 #MissIndia2019Finale – June 30. @missindiaorg #missindia2019”. This post has got over a solid 1.6 million views in less than a day and more than 4000 comments appreciating her talent and dedication to dancing. While most of them blessed her with love and support, others were curious to know about her upcoming projects. She really has been doing a lot of movies and interviews lately! It’s quite lovely to see her career graph simply rising up! Katrina also has been doing a wonderful job at handling her social media profiles. She keeps her fans updated with her pre and post show pictures which they really seem to enjoy looking at.

She is a real atom bomb, both as a person and a celebrity. Her hunger to do more in life will always stay alive as she entertains us with her charming presence. Hope to see more from her soon!


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